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Tracy's Issues

"Politicians in Des Moines must set aside partisan politics and focus on the hardworking families who have been left behind. Every Iowan deserves access to affordable, accessible health care, fully funded education, and a job with good benefits." - Tracy 

Great Jobs, Better Benefits

While politicians in Des Moines continue to give  tax breaks to out-of-state corporations, I look around our state now and see a lack of opportunity for hardworking Iowa families to make ends meet. As a state, we should be investing in small business and job creation to make sure that the future generation here has the same ability for opportunity that we had growing up. 

Affortable and Accessible Health Care

The privatization of Medicaid and underfunding of mental health has been detrimental to our state. It's time we make sure that every Iowan has access to affordable, accessible health care in every corner of our state. 

Leading Schools

Iowa used to be top in the nation in education but we've fallen behind in recent years. Education not only prepares our children for the next step in life but ensures that all kids in our state have an equal chance for success.  We must make sure that education at all levels is fully funded so hardworking Iowa families can give their kids an excellent education and we have a workforce that stays in our state. 

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